Published on 05/25/2017 2:00 am
Don’t Use Mobile Phones in Kitchen

It’s advisable not to receive or make call while kitchen. Recently an incident was brought in notice of to the Indian citizen through local newspaper. Around 6 nos. people were treated for burns while they were making phone call from their mobile with gas burners on. Similar dangers also exists in case of making or receiving phone calls while near induction stove or microwave ovens. It is not out of place to see even most of us cooking with our phone next to our ears! It’s advisable to stop using taking or making phone calls once in our kitchen. Dangers of taking or making a phone call in a gas / petrol station is well documented. Stay safe and ensure your loved ones also stay safe. Spread and imbibe the message. If its urgent to take or make call please move away from gas burner / micro wave oven / induction stove by around 10-12’ (ten to twelve feet)

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