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Care for Cough

It normal to cough. It helps to clear your throat from irritants and phlegm. Buts long drawn sustained coughing can be indicator of some disease.

There are irritants in air which when passes through nasal or throat passage cause irritation leading to coughing.  The irritants are rejected through cough. Pollen grain or pet allergen also causes irritation to through and nasal passage. Immune system of body creates chemicals called histamines which react to allergen. Allergy is a symptom if the cough arises immediately in a particular environment or climate condition.

Cough can be caused by viral or bacterial infection. These symptoms are accompanied by:

  • High fever
  • Upset Stomach
  • Continuously running nose
  • Nasal blockage

Above symptoms will be short in duration generally around 1-2 weeks. If you suffer from allergy it will last as long as the season or whenever we are exposed to the allergic substance.

Coughs can be due to allergy, cold. Same can be easily treated by OTC Drugs. For infection caused by bacteria we require antibiotics. Some home remedies are also available which can be equally helpful.


It’s a classic home remedy for sore throat. It is more effective than OTC drugs having dextromethorphan - cough suppressant.

Try mix 2 spoon of honey with warm water and lemon. Honey soothes while lemon attacks congestion


They are microorganisms which can provide long list of health benefits. They indirectly relieve cough by balancing the dose of bacteria in your intestines..The immunity system inside our body can be supported by them. Bacteria – lactobacillus reduces the chance of flu or cold, high sensitivity to pollen grains.

 Lactobacillus is found in milk however excess of milk may make thick phlegm. These days’ lots of probiotic suppliments are found in pharmacy and health stores.


Pineapple is used as a remedy for cough. Bromelain is found inside pineapples and this enzyme can reduce cough and also mucus is loosened. Hence pineapple juice / raw fruit 3 times a day can help you reducing cough. It reduces allergy based issues which leads to cough. It can be used to subside the swelling in throat.


Leaves of Peppermint which has menthol leaves can help heal throat and cough by clearing throat and decongesting the nasal passage. Menthol can be inhaled through inhaler or can be taken externally with tea which has peppermint. Pepper mint bath can be taken by adding few drops of it in water and take steam bath. Inhale it by covering your head in towel.


It flowers in summers. Stem, leaves & roots of marshmallows are used from medieval times to safely treat cough and bad throat.

Mucilage in marshmallow reduces irritation in throat by giving a coat which soothes the throat. But children should not take marshmallows.


It s leaves which has flavinoids relaxes the throat are used to relieve cough and short term bronchitis. It also used as an anti dote for respiratory illness.  Tea flavored with thyme can be made at home by crushing few leaves in the boiling water.

Salt and water gargle

It’s a very ancient yet powerful remedy where in salt is added to water and used for gargling to remove inflammation in throat & sub side cough. Mix half teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and gargle.

This is not recommended for children below 6 years.

Ways to prevent coughing

Beyond how to treat cough, one should also learn how to prevent coughing:

  • Try avoiding contact with people who are sick. If you are sick don’t go to office or school to avoid spreading of infection to others.
  • Nose and mouth should be covered while sneezing or coughing.
  • Be hydrated. Drink fluids.
  • Try to clean your home, office and school frequently. Mobile phones, toys, etc should be more thoroughly cleaned to avoid infection.
  • Hand should be washed specially after sneezing or coughing.

If you are allergic to something, first try identify that and then avoid the same. Pollen grains, animal’s fur, some specific trees can cause allergy. If anti allergy injection are taken same can help us in reduce sensitivity to allergens.

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