Published on 01/04/2017 11:37 am
5 Simple way to take care of your precious eyes

High BP over the period of time can damage your blood vessel in your eyes. High sugar causes cataract / glaucoma. High sugar / high BP rapidly increase chances of damage to your eyes. Following are 7 useful tips for protecting your eyes:

  • Give up on smoking. Though easier said than done may be you can consult doctor or visit a rehab centre for same. Old habits die hard.

  • Try regularly test your Blood Sugar Level. Regular monitoring and maintaining of Blood Sugar can save your eyes. Get your sugar tested at least once in a month. Healthy sugar level reduces / slows down damage you blood vessel in your eyes.

  • High BP is one of the leading nemesis of healthy eye. Try maintaining your BP in required level. High BP & High Blood Sugar are worst enemy of eyes. BP should be checked every month by your doctor.

  • Get your eyes checked by an eye doctor once in every year. They will check your eyes to find the sign of damage of your blood vessel in your eyes.

  • Test your cholesterol once every 6 months. LDL Cholesterol or Bad Cholesterol can cause damage to blood vessel of of your eyes. Get your blood tested.

  • Eat healthy food like green vegetable, fruits. Better consult a dietician. They can advice you what to eat and how much to eat. They can advice you how much calories you require.

  • Shake your body!! Start moving. Do exercise. Do yoga / meditation. Consult your doctor regarding the exercises and its duration for maximum effectiveness.
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